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Lozells Junior and Infant School and Nursery

Times of the School Day


Start 08:50
Break KS1 10:30-10:45 KS2 10:45-11
Rec Dinners 12:00 - 13:00
Dinner 12:30-13:20
Close 15:15



Full Time (Mon-Wed am OR Wed pm-Fri)
Start 08.30
Dinners 11:30 - 12:30
Close 15:30
Morning session
Start 08:30
Close 11.30
Afternoon session
Start 12.30
Close 15:30



Punctuality and Attendance

We want your child to do well at school.  Please help us to get the working day off to a good start by getting your child to school on time.

Regular attendance at school is most important.  If children come to school every day (except when they are sick or there is an emergency) they will make much better progress with their school work.


We prefer you to make appointments outside of school hours but this is not always possible.  If your child will be arriving late because of an appointment please notify the school office in advance so that dinner arrangements can be made.

If your child is absent from school you should notify the school office before 9.30.  All absences are considered to be unauthorised if you have not given us a valid reason for your child’s non-attendance.


Holidays during term time are not usually authorised because of the impact on children’s learning.  If you need to book time off during term time you should ask for a holiday form from the school office.

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