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At Lozells School, we are dedicated to ensuring that every child receives the best education possible. We are a multi-cultural school and are constantly striving to improve ourselves. Taking learning to the next level is our top priority.

We are working on different topics to make the school a better place by educating children on situations we believe will assist them in the future by teaching them how to deal with conflicts and other situations.

To ensure this, we have different committees in charge of different aspects in the school. These committees help increase the different gestures of the school. The committees are:

  • Pupil Voice Committee - Finding out how to help students and improve schools. 
  • Fundraising Committee - Raising money for charity. One of our successful events are Children In Need. 
  • Curriculum Committee - Improving lessons 
  • Safety & Wellbeing Committee - Ensuring you are safe and happy at school. The safety of the children is vital to us as shown due to the rules and regulations we display to prevent hazards. We accept NO form of bullying and want to make sure everyone is safe and happy.

Lozells School aims to create a highly-developed path for their learning. Students have advanced experience in the social skills and all are cared for vastly. We have a wide range of fun and exciting trips to support learning, and hope you enjoy it here at Lozells School.

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