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Lozells Junior and Infant School and Nursery


In Religious Education we aim to give all pupils the opportunity to:

Learn about, and learn from the religious beliefs, practices and experiences of Christianity and other principal world faiths in order to promote tolerance, understanding and friendship.


In Personal, Social and Health Education/ Citizenship we aim to give all pupils the opportunity to:

Know that their behaviour can affect a wider group of people.

Take a full part in every aspect of school life, while learning to become a member of a wider society, respecting the opinions of others.

Become mature, independent and self-confident, taking increasing responsibility for their own learning, both as an individual and a member of a group.


Know and understand about, and accept, a wide range of different and diverse family arrangements, for example, married, divorced or separated parents, mums or dads with partners, fostering, extended families, same sex parents and three or more generations living together.


Know and understand about the physical changes that take place at puberty.

Know and understand about the processes of reproduction and birth as part of the human life cycle.

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