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Lozells Junior and Infant School and Nursery


Reading at Lozells

To ensure that our children are given a broad and balanced English curriculum and develop a love of reading, we have a weekly structured approach to the teaching of reading as well as a personalised and engaging home reading programme called Accelerated Reader.


Every child in years 2-6 has an AR book, specifically matched to their reading age, that they take home to read. Once they have read their book, they are given the opportunity to take a comprehension based quiz and change their book. In Year 1 pupils take a book home to practise their reading as well as free reader to read with parents. In the Early Years pupils take home word lists and a book to reinforce their phonic skills.


Reading sessions at Lozells, comprise of children being taught the various reading skills during the course of the week. They complete DERICs ( a quick reading starter, involving, decoding, explaining, retrieving, inferring and commenting) before moving onto an in-depth study of a text, facilitated by the reading vipers- these enable the pupils  to develop into confident readers.

Writing at Lozells

To ensure that our children are given a broad and balanced English curriculum, teachers plan units of work based around the topic they are studying in class. Throughout the year, our children are exposed to a plethora of writing styles and write in a variety of both fiction and non-fiction genres.

For each unit of work, teachers plan lessons focussed around the 5R’s.

1. RIP

This is an opportunity for the children to get to know a particular style of writing in depth. They will look at a variety of texts, including a WAGOLL and closely analyse the langu



These lessons focus on particular features of a genre and give the children the opportunity to practice the skill being taught. These lessons are often based around word and sentence level work but may focus on skills such as cohesion or paragraphing.



This lesson allows the children to write a plan for an independent piece of writing.



The children are given time to write their independent piece.





This session will focus on reviewing and editing the children’s final piece of writing. This may be completed through self and peer assessment and will be modelled by the teacher.

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